Here are a couple of surprising facts to wrap your head around: 67% of investors believe traditional leadership is no longer fit for the future, and 80 percent of CEOs see a gap in their employee skills as a direct threat to their business. What does this tell us? Using talent assessment to really understand the gap between who you have in your business today, and who you need to succeed tomorrow, is critical to success.

With the market changing as quickly as it is, this is not a one-and-done approach—it’s a journey—with talent assessment positioned at the start of that journey. People qualities such as learning agility, long-range thinking, resilience, and the ability to simplify complexity are growing in importance as organizations around the world face exceptional business challenges.

Often, implementing a talent assessment and succession program goes beyond the capabilities of your organization, leading you to search for the right partner to devise a data-driven assessment and succession program that responds to your specific business challenges. This partner should also have their finger on the pulse of emerging, real-world workplace trends and movements.

What are the key components of a successful talent assessment program?

A successful talent assessment program begins with your provider having a wider perspective on what's happening in global work culture and possessing the adaptability to respond in an intelligent and effective way.

Data compiled by Korn Ferry reveals a new workplace paradigm taking shape. The traditional leadership model is no longer the best fit for the challenges that the workplace of the future will encounter. Concurrently, employees are restless, and more people globally are quitting their jobs than ever before.

With an overwhelming number of CEOs identifying employee skill gaps as a direct threat to their business, the attributes that employers and employees prioritize is changing, fast. And the need to hold onto talent is also rising within that rapidly evolving list of priorities.

With all this in mind, assessment and succession programs need to be fine-tuned with components that meet all these challenges head on. Your provider needs to know how to deploy the right tactics to ascertain where you currently sit, where you need to be, and then identify the gaps in getting you there. This comes through an astute process of defining talent, assessing talent and talent development.

That's why we have created an introductory guide as a handy, practical resource for those who want to be better informed when searching for an assessment and succession provider. 

Assessment & Succession

Understand the talent you have and the talent you need

The talent you have and the talent you need: Assessment & Succession in 2024

Developed in direct response to the changing workplace, Korn Ferry's comprehensive buyer's guide helps you gain a clearer idea of how things are changing in contemporary workplace culture, the types of skill sets rising in desirability, and what you should be looking for in an assessment and succession partner to support you on this journey.

In your organization’s talent assessment journey, you might be navigating questions like:

  • How can I identify high-potential employees for succession planning?
  • What are the common challenges in talent assessment and succession planning?
  • How can I overcome these challenges?
  • What tools and technologies are available for talent assessment and succession planning?

In this guide, we have addressed these questions to highlight how the right partner can integrate your assessment and succession requirements as part of a bigger development solution.

We also share the questions you should be asking any potential assessment and succession partner, so you have a barometer to measure providers against, including our own answers to these questions. Similarly, we've included a matrix for addressing possible concerns among various stakeholders in your organization, so you can build consensus and a successful business case for an assessment and succession partner.

Korn Ferry's model for assessment & succession

With our many years of experience and a library of client success stories, Korn Ferry is well positioned as a global authority on leadership assessment, talent development and succession planning. In this guide we have drawn back the curtain to reveal the details of our approach to assessment and succession.

Specifically, we introduce you to the tried & tested, adaptive approach behind our Define > Assess > Develop model that produces data-driven, actionable insights. This supports you in making your assessment and succession program a living part of your organization, driving your talent and leadership forward in a way that is always relevant, no matter where future trends in work culture take your business.

Assessment and succession planning is no easy task. You deserve a partner that can make sense of the pieces of this puzzle, and ensure it is reflected in where you're going and how you do it.

Download the guide today.


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