Supply Chain Leaders' role in organizational success is more critical than ever. To understand the impact of supply chain leaders in private equity, we interviewed a number of senior executives, including senior supply chain leaders who are currently operating within a portfolio business and supply chain leaders who work across the portfolio companies within the private equity funds.

Our research challenges some of the myths surrounding the role of a supply chain leader in a private equity portfolio business. In addition, the study covers the following:

  • The soft and hard skills that combine to create a successful PE leader and the potential derailers for those considering a career transition into the world of private equity for the first time.
  • Supply chain leaders in PE portfolio companies have the unique ability to operate quickly outside of their functional field of supply chain, with increased autonomy and speed to make an impact across the enterprise.
  • For many years CPOs reported to the CEO and were part of the Board of Management. However, Board visibility has been accelerated as a legacy of the pandemic.
  • The need for PE supply chain leaders to employ a data-driven “value creation” mindset to foster a successful relationship with private equity firms.
  • The importance of talent management at the board and operational levels.

cover of report