As the digital business landscape evolves at a relentless pace, sustainable growth is the ultimate objective for all digitally native businesses. However, growth often brings with it a unique set of challenges also known as “growing pains”. These include culture, talent retention, or the inability to stay nimble.

At Korn Ferry, we empower leaders to create an agile culture, while continually re-assessing their processes/strategies to remain competitive in an ever-evolving market. We help organizations to optimize leadership transitions to ensure these become opportunities for growth rather than moments of volatility.

Drawing on insights from conversations with 18 digital leaders, this report delves into the hurdles digital businesses encounter as they expand, offering a comprehensive approach that unlocks the potential to navigate this journey successfully. It also offers guidance to Boards on orchestrating a seamless CEO succession.

Our report will help leaders to understand how Korn Ferry helps digital businesses to embark on a sustainable growth journey by addressing their “growing pains” and fostering adaptability.

Within our report, you will learn about how to manage the evolution of a growing digital business, including:

  • Your leadership team: Planning for succession
  • Your culture & values: Protecting your DNA
  • Your business model, org structure and metrics: Always remembering your “why?”
  • Advice for Boards: Making a success of CEO Succession

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