The October 2023 Canada Executive Edition report presents a comprehensive exploration of current trends in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors within the context of executive compensation in Canadian corporations.  

The surge in demand for sustainable investment funds that integrate ESG principles continues to drive growth in assets under management. This is further driven by technological innovations like AI, which aid product innovation and furnish investors with extensive data for informed decision-making. 

The Canadian government's 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan outlines a detailed roadmap for achieving substantial reductions by 2030. Provinces like British Columbia and Alberta have set ambitious emission reduction targets, undertaking measures to reduce pollution, identify new technologies and transition away from environmentally harmful practices like coal. 

The shift towards a low-carbon environment presents new risks and opportunities for organizations, prompting Canadian corporate boards to emphasize ESG in their business frameworks. This report sheds light on how corporations use executive compensation to foster and reward ESG performance among the top 120 publicly traded companies in Canada (TSX120). 

Read our briefing to discover:

  • The primary measures that dictate ESG priorities among the TSX120 companies 
  • The prevalence of key ESG measures such as carbon footprint reduction, employee health and safety, diversity and inclusion and compliance across different industry types 
  • The future of aligning corporate strategy with shareholder interests and social obligations by incorporating ESG metrics into incentive plans

cover of report