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Meeting great expectations to transform hiring

April 14, 2022

What’s the secret for better hiring results this year? Get the latest insight into candidate expectations in Korn Ferry's new paper.


The epiphany opportunity: Meeting great expectations to transform hiring

The great resignation is here. Millions of people have had a career epiphany. Now they’re quitting their jobs to get more from their work. Discover how to transform talent acquisition by meeting candidates’ greater expectations.

In the current talent shortage, job hunters can take their pick of new opportunities. From pay to flexibility to purpose, candidates are more demanding than ever.

Our new paper explores how employers can become a magnet for high performers who are dissatisfied with their current role. We focus on six key candidate expectations – and highlight the best practice approaches that will enhance hiring results.


Read the Epiphany Opportunity for more information about:

  • Turning ‘the great resignation’ into a talent attraction opportunity
  • Understanding the motivations driving people to quit their jobs
  • Exploring the six key candidate expectations: pay, flexibility, career prospects, belonging, social issues, purpose
  • Analyzing the importance of EVP, employer brand and candidate communications
  • Converting candidates by improving processes across the recruitment lifecycle
  • Enhancing the employee experience to boost recruitment and retention

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