2022 Essentials: Career Advice

Hiring freezes and layoffs have returned, but those looking to improve their careers still have lots of options. How to get ahead now. Our best stories of the year.

Sure, there are still nearly 11 million job openings across the country, about the same as at the end of 2021. But it sure feels like the market became has become difficult for people who want to switch jobs or get ahead. Compared to 2021, there are smaller bonuses, fewer opportunities for remote work, companies taking much longer to fill openings, even significant hiring freezes or layoffs. As we move into 2023, job candidates have to make some adjustments to their approaches to get ahead.

Below is the best of Korn Ferry’s articles on the topic.

5 Key Skills to Master in Tough Times

How to stand apart in the face of a potential recession.

Never Overlook These 7 Classic Job Interview Questions

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison highlights the questions nearly everyone gets asked—and how to answer them.

5 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a New Job Offer

Experts say the moment of the offer may be the best time to negotiate.

7 Tips for Negotiating Severance Up-front

In this economy, job candidates may be wise to prenegotiate severance packages before accepting a role.

The First 100 Days: 5 Ways to Make Your Mark 

As with a president, how new employees show up during the first 100 days can be critical. Some key steps to distinguish yourself.

5 Ways to Jump Rungs on the Executive Ladder

It’s the big step so many strive for—moving into the senior-executive ranks. Surprisingly, experts say, the path leading there has become clearer in the post-pandemic era.