Career Playbook: Practical Tips for Professional Success

Download this practical guide for career success with tips on how to identify your strengths & objectives, market yourself, and negotiate a job offer.

Building a career has never been more complex. Even managers and executives, who spend more years in each job than most, change positions about every six years. That means if you’re among this group, you’ll face several potential forks in your career path – and likely will need a new roadmap each time.

Consider this one of your roadmaps.

Korn/Ferry International created this guide because we are committed to improving executive leadership and the state of human capital. In it, our experts provide unconventional strategies, as well as tried-and-true advice. They delve into tactics that leverage technology and social networking to get the attention of hiring managers while protecting your professional reputation. You’ll find practical advice about identifying your strengths and objectives, marketing yourself, and negotiating a job offer.

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