4 Ways to Reset New Year’s Goals

By this time of year, 72% of us have lost momentum on our goals for 2024. Experts suggest ways to recalibrate.

Maybe the goal was to stay on top of your email. Or to brush off your résumé. Or to exercise daily. If you’re like most people, those goals seemed attainable in late December… and have already fallen by the wayside.

New Year’s resolutions are popular, especially among younger demographics: half of all 18- to 29-year-olds made resolutions this year, mostly related to work. According to Pew Research data, two-thirds set career goals—but 72% are not keeping pace with them.

With the resolution hullabaloo behind us, experts say that now is the time to set real career goals. “I’m having these types of career-goal conversations with my team, since it’s performance-review season,” says supply-chain expert Seth Steinberg, senior client partner at Korn Ferry. He suggests beginning with an honest review of your purpose.

Review your mission.

“Ask yourself, ‘Do I know what I want, and am I holding myself accountable and on a pathway to achieve it?’” suggests Steinberg. This will help you narrow down what your goals really should be and move them toward success.

Set a weekly networking minimum.

Making connections is an easy area in which to create quantifiable, achievable goals, such as attending one gathering per week. “Attend events, connect on LinkedIn, and consider informational interviews for broad opportunities,” says Deepali Vyas, global head of fintech, payments and crypto at Korn Ferry.

Learn from the last year.

Steinberg adheres to a simple way of reviewing the past year: He makes two columns on a notepad, then jots down the people, activities, and commitments in the last year that triggered either positive (column one) or negative (column two) emotions. “Based on the answers, you schedule more of the positives,” he says—and reconsider the negatives.

Get applying.

If you’re considering a new career path, getting your résumé out there is essential. Vyas suggests setting realistic monthly goals, such as applying for one to four positions every month. “Focus on quality over quantity,” she says.


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