E-Commerce Matters...E-Commerce Leadership Matters More

E-commerce...E-commerce Leadership Matters More provides a deeper look into defining the role websites play in overall business strategies, the operating structures necessary for success, the “must-haves” for e-commerce leadership, and the ways in which to attract this talent.

The Internet has moved beyond its “information highway” origins to encompass interactive opportunities ranging from personal and social interaction to commercial relationships of almost infinite variety. Just as retailers have broken out of the brick and mortar tradition that had so long defined them, so has e-commerce grown beyond its computer base to include mobile communications and other emerging technologies. The world of e-commerce does not expand milestone by milestone, but in many directions all at once in an explosion of ideas.

In an industry where change and evolution is a given, having the right e-commerce leader is absolutely vital. Knowing what to look for and how and where to find him/her is often the greatest challenge.

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