Celebrating (Sort of) Boss’s Day

Workers love to hate their bosses, but leaders know they need good managers who can motivate colleagues and manage up. Our guide.

Sixty years ago this week, an insurance company secretary thought it would be a good idea to designate Oct. 16 as Boss’ Day, a chance to show appreciation to managers everywhere. At the time, her manager was also her father (Oct. 16 was also her father’s birthday).

Leaders are indeed critical to the success of their organizations. So, in celebration of Boss’ Day, Korn Ferry created its latest Essentials list, this time focusing on some of the best things leaders can do to motivate their employees, be a good teammate, and manage their own difficult bosses.

What’s Your Leadership Style?

The best bosses have more than one way to motivate people.

The Case for Motivation

Tech disruptions and outdated corporate structures are sapping people’s drive to work. How savvy bosses can reverse the trend and inspire employees.

Empathy: The Surprisingly Critical Business Skill

Understanding other people's perspectives and feelings is anything but "soft," writes emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman.

Why Bosses Should Care About Work-Life Balance

Leaders who help employees find that stability can be rewarded with more engagement and commitment, says best-selling author Daniel Goleman.

Letting the Team Become the Boss

Last season, the coach of the world’s best basketball team put his players in command. Could he try it again this year, and can the tactic work in the workplace?