Corporate governance in fast-growing technology companies

The tech industry has its own rules—including for the board. Directors at start-ups have to be proactive, consultative, and more hands-on.


Corporate governance is a popular subject in management literature, academic research, and business news, but most attention is focused on boards of large companies. Start-up technology companies are something completely different. Governance work in smaller companies in the technology sector requires board members who are proactive, consultative, and more hands-on.

Based upon review of academic research by leading management scientists from around the globe, Korn Ferry discussed the major findings and theories in interviews with 40 board directors of public and private technology companies and addressed the following questions:

  • What are the specialties of fast-growing companies in the technology industry and how do these affect requirements for efficient corporate governance?
  • What is the special role of the board of directors in this environment?
  • What can  executives do to become effective executive directors?

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