The Essentials 2019: Careers

When it comes to work these days, people are increasingly becoming “nomads.” How individuals can find the right roles at the right time, and how leaders can create career paths to convince people to stick around.

If you feel like searching for a new job, you aren’t. Bad bosses, uninspiring work, and lackluster benefits always get people to look for a new position, but it goes beyond that. These days, an increasing number of workers want to constantly change roles, companies, and even careers.

In this edition of Essentials, Korn Ferry dives into the so-called Nomad Economy, where everyone is always moving. Plus, get advice from Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison on how to strategically hunt—and then land—the job you want.

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The Nomad Economy

The number of jobs you may have in your lifetime will likely be double that of a generation ago. How workers and companies should deal with this new reality.

Your Career Has Hit a Wall—Now What?

Why tapping into your “right brain” skills is critical to advancing up the ladder.

The Career-Saving Checklist

Three questions to answer before deciding whether to stick with your current job or search for something else. 

The Most Important Upgrades to Your Resume

He may have written the book called “Lose the Resume,” but Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison does know the hallmarks of a well-crafted version.

How to Quit Without Embarrassing Yourself

The remarkably poor ways people have left jobs—and what it cost them.