The Essentials 2019: Pay

Who got more in 2019, and why. Plus, how to get a meaningful pay bump in 2020.

Unemployment is near historic lows in the United States, and other countries also have robust job markets. So why isn’t everyone getting big raises? Even some CEOs aren’t seeing the big salary bumps, thanks to a growing movement that is changing how the top chiefs get compensated.

In this edition of Essentials, find out why there’s a lack of major after-inflation wage bumps. Plus, leaders can learn how to reward employees despite a limited raise budget. Finally, if you really want to boost your pay, these days there are a few pretty effective ways to do it.

Salaries in 2020: An Up & Down Affair

A new Korn Ferry study projects that salaries after inflation will rise more than 2%. But that’s not the full story.

The Global Pay Gap Is Growing

From the Middle East to Asia, gaps in pay between entry-level workers and senior executives are quietly widening.

Want a Raise? Go Abroad

A new study shows how young workers—whose raises at home continue to be small—may do a lot better going overseas.

Are Job Switchers Earning More?

New figures show job switchers are getting their best raises in years. What leaders can do to keep talent without getting into a salary war.

The Worst Way to Ask for More Pay

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison highlights an awful salary-negotiating tactic someone tried on him, along with five techniques that stand a better chance of success.

Should CEO Mojo Determine Pay?

An investing-world heavyweight suggests a company’s future prospects should influence the boss’s paycheck.