The Essentials: Purpose on the Job

The purpose movement made it into the upper echelons of corporate America in 2019. But will it stick? Plus, what does purpose in the workplace really mean for leaders and board directors?

The purpose movement has made giant inroads at some of the largest US corporations over the last year. Meanwhile, investors are increasingly using purpose and social impact as a way to gauge whether or not to finance projects.

In this edition of Essentials, Korn Ferry showcases why 2019 may go down as the watershed year for the purpose movement, while also showcasing the pitfalls of using purpose as a mere marketing gimmick.

A Higher Priority

Nearly 200 CEOs have declared that shareholder value is no longer a corporation’s main purpose. But if leaders want to make a difference, it needs to be more show than tell.

The Impact Investing Boom

Impact investing now accounts for one out of every four professionally managed dollars. Is it making a difference?

Why Finding Purpose ‘Feels’ Right

Emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman explains how a sense of purpose not only helps in the workplace but also is something our brains are hardwired to seek.

Director’s Toolbox: Purpose

What board directors need to know about one of the biggest leadership trends in years.

Avoiding Purpose-Washing

The difference between an advertising campaign and authentically embracing purpose.

Long-Term Purpose, Short-Term Goals

How top firms are using a critical tool to infuse purpose throughout the organization.