The Essentials 2019: The Shifting Workplace

The workplace of today looks radically different than it did just a few years ago. Here are some of the major changes that took place last year.

Technological, cultural, and demographic changes are creating dynamics shifts in the workplace. The office — whether it be physical or virtual — looks radically different today than it did just a few years ago. And if the innovations of 2019 are any indication, the workplace of the future will look nothing like it does today.

In this Essentials, Korn Ferry highlights some of the major changes impacting how and where people work, what companies are doing to keep productivity and engagement high in the face of those changes, and how talent can use them to advance their careers.

The Rise of Low-Quality Jobs

A new index shows six in 10 jobs are low in pay and high in boredom. What the increase in such roles says about the US economy.

Microsoft’s Latest Innovation: the 4-day Workweek

The tech giant tried a shorter workweek in Japan to test the impacts on productivity and work-life balance. What happened?

 The 5G Pitfall

It has the potential to revolutionize work, but the new wireless network may create challenges for leaders managing employees.

The Millennial Managers Have Arrived

As they move into management, many Generation Y'ers are discovering some unexpected challenges

The Job Crisis of Tomorrow

Racing to fill the jobs of the future has become a new “disruption” that can set back a company for years.

The Nomad Economy

The number of jobs you may have in your lifetime will likely be double that of a generation ago. How workers and companies should deal with this new reality.