The Essentials: Smarter Leadership

A look at what everyone from CEOs to frontline managers faced—and learned from—in an unprecedented year.

Leaders always are asked to make tough decisions, but this year likely was the most difficult balancing act of their careers. Be calm, decisive, and strategic—but also be empathetic and supportive.

As the year played out, we saw how some leaders were brave and forward-thinking while others were not.

Korn Ferry’s experts compiled a list of what leaders can do better in 2021. The pandemic will hopefully end soon, but that still leaves technological disruptions, intense competition, development of top talent, stakeholder activism, and a slew of other challenges for leaders to overcome.

Leadership Without Walls

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison explains how to seize the moment and become a more transparent, authentic leader.


Crises are an ideal time to make big changes and a better future. So why aren’t companies making them?

5 Social Media Tips for Senior-Level Execs

Many top-level executives limit their social media presence to a LinkedIn profile. It takes a lot more to get ahead.

How to Listen More Effectively

Election season involved a lot of shouting but not so much listening. We looked for ways leaders and employees can communicate better.

The ROI of Hiring Stronger Performers

A new Korn Ferry study shows how to improve the chances of making the right decision, which can pay quick and huge dividends.

Be the Light

Leaders, especially this year, need to celebrate and connect, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.