The Top Work Trends for 2021

From hybrid workforces to new uses of artificial intelligence, our look at what to expect in the current and post-pandemic eras.

It’s cliché now to say that the pandemic has changed everything. It hasn’t (the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west), but it has certainly upended how businesses approach 2021. Working from home, telemedicine, supply chain reorganizations—most of these were just “nice to haves,” but experts say these and many more trends will be necessities in the new year.

In this edition of Essentials, Korn Ferry dives into the trends that will shape work in 2021.

The Age of the ‘Hybrid’ Worker

Work from home? Work from the office? With firms like Google leading the way, big firms may turn to an unprecedented half-in, half-out model.

Back to the Office—or Back to Remote Work?

Just as more companies were bringing employees back to the office, they’re now facing looming lockdowns that will upend business plans once more.

You Move, You Pay?

Remote workers fleeing to cheaper towns may see their pay cut. Why firms think this is necessary.

Artificial Intelligence: Red Alert! Red Alert!

The pandemic has created new urgencies for AI uses, from contact tracing to fraud detection to safer movie-theater openings.

Cyber Thieves Begin to Innovate

Recent hackings of hospitals and schools are creating new worries for cybersecurity leaders across all industries.