Essentials: The Right Fit

Firms struggled with how best to pay and hire people in 2023, not to mention a slew of other HR issues.

The Great Resignation might be over, but talent professionals say that finding the right people for the right role has never been more difficult. Some organizations are trying to expand their talent pools. Others need to build better development opportunities. Throw new salary-transparency rules in the mix, and hiring managers have a lot of work on their hands.

In this Essentials, Korn Ferry looks at the biggest challenges and opportunities organizations face in finding high-potential recruits and, hopefully, keeping their top performers engaged.

Thanks for the Promotion: I’m Leaving

In a surprising twist, nearly one-third of employees who get a promotion quit within the next month. 

Pay Ranges in Postings: A Range of Troubles

Firms are struggling with new pay-disclosure laws that are upsetting candidates and employees. How to make a tough change in a delicate area.

The Feature the World’s Most Admired Companies Share

The 2023 edition of Korn Ferry and Fortune’s most respected organizations is out. Most of the firms emphasize this business practice far more than their peers do.

The Paradox of Being an Older Employee

Despite glowing job reviews for older applicants, hiring managers still favor younger ones, a new report shows.

Affirmative Action… Supreme Court’s Action

Experts debate how much—or how little—the justices’ ruling on affirmative action could alter three years of diversity efforts.

The Breaking Point for Middle Managers

Already tasked with enforcing new office and productivity edicts, a growing number are getting laid off, docked pay, or demoted. Why is there a target on their backs?

Gone… in the First 44 Days

New research suggests new hires are deciding to bolt at a superfast clip these days. Why is onboarding not working?


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