Essentials: Leadership, the 2023 Version

Every year is different for those at the top. We looked at how leaders grappled with change this year.

Growth slowed for many organizations in 2023. Higher interest rates made projects pricier to finance. Plus, the trends that flourished during the first years of the pandemic have subsided. Growth likely won’t be that easy to find in 2024, either.

In this Essentials, Korn Ferry examines the impact of these changes, and how corporate leaders can deal with it productively and—hopefully—less stressfully.

5 Ways to Disagree Respectfully at Work

How to get your arguments across without things getting ugly. 

Have CEOs Reached the Boiling Point?

In 2023 an increasing number of CEOs started openly questioning the loyalty of their employees, calling them entitled, and threatening layoffs and firings if productivity didn’t increase. So what’s behind the increasingly blunt talk bosses are using with their employees?

After the Layoffs: Leading Your Teams

Top leaders will need to find ways to help new managers do more with fewer people and less funds. “Something they’ve never gone through themselves.”

Step Aside

These 5 roadblocks are stopping firms from reaching their potential.

5 Ways to Manage a Job Reassignment

Instead of laying people off, organizations are increasingly giving them new job assignments. How to manage what can be a jarring professional change.

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