The Essentials 2018: Pay

The reasons why wages aren’t growing much, and how individuals can get their own paychecks to buck the trend.

Unemployment is near record lows, and the number of job openings is near record highs. It would seem to be a recipe for pay raises. Yet, after inflation, the average US salary increase was less than 1% in 2018, and experts forecast the same thing in 2019.

In this Essentials, Korn Ferry highlights the reasons for raises (or lack thereof), what organizations are doing instead, and how employees can make a better case for better pay.

Where’s My Raise?

The economy is booming. Wages aren’t. Why leaders need to know the answer to this mystery—fast.

The ‘Secondary Benefits’ of a Hot Jobs Market

With unemployment at record lows, there’s pressure on firms to get creative with their incentives to find and keep talent.

Picketing for Equal Pay

Why leaders everywhere should take notice of a public employees strike over gender pay gaps in Scotland.

The Art of Getting Promoted

The days of automatically getting moved up every couple of years are gone. Six tactics that can help.

The 5 People Who Will Never Get a Raise

How you ask is even more important than what you ask for.