The Missing ‘Ingredient’ in Job Hunting

In his just-released book, Lose the Resume, Land the Job, Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison says a simple three-letter acronym may be one of the keys to the right job—and right career.

To most, the task of looking for a new job is as simple as polishing the resume, sending emails to anyone and everyone, and filling out applications while networking. Come time for the interview, many become chameleons, morphing into whatever they think the company wants.

Yet that’s pretty much a recipe for disaster, according to Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison in his newly released book, Lose the Resume, Land the Job. Indeed, as the head of a firm that has placed millions—Burnison says he sees few people who understand how job hiring really works and what steps are most critical.

In a series of interviews, he discusses a variety of topics from his book, beginning with the importance of a simple acronym, ACT. (Spoiler alert: It means being authentic, making a connection, and giving others a taste of who you are and what you bring.)


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