The Art of Closing

What is takes to win top talent for your organization. Talent acquisition.

As companies across industries are feeling the acute effects of talent shortages, it has become a real challenge to identify qualified candidates. Once found, the battle to win them has only just begun. In today’s employee market, highly coveted candidates often have competing job opportunities and offers. Additional layers of candidate screening have increased time to fill, meaning recruiters must keep top talent engaged longer or risk losing those candidates to another offer. The ramifications of each declined offer are significant and include time and costs that an employer can’t recoup. In short, a recruiter’s ability to close has never been more important and organizations with talent acquisition teams skilled in the art of closing truly have an edge in today’s highly competitive and candidate-centric market.

Establishing trust and credibility is crucial to your success as a recruiter and you must lay the foundation for such a relationship in your very first interactions with candidates. To help you get off on the right foot and to ensure you continue building your credibility and the candidate’s trust throughout the recruitment process, keep these three themes in mind.

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