The Essentials: Equal Pay

On Equal Pay Day, find out what steps firms are taking to solve one of the corporate world’s most persistent problems.

It’s a question that organizations around the world are trying to answer today, Equal Pay Day, and every other day: how to balance the pay scale between women and men. Globally, the average woman earns 16.1% less than the average man, according to Korn Ferry data of more than 20 million employees in more than 110 countries across 25,000 organizations. That sounds bad, but the gap shrinks to almost nothing, 0.5%, for men and women working at the same company on the same level performing the same function.

It’s why many experts say that to solve the gender pay gap, firms not only have to equalize pay but also get more women into higher-paid positions and leadership roles.

For Equal Pay Day, Korn Ferry has compiled its recent articles, research paper, and webinar on the pay gap and the steps firms can take to bridge it.

Soccer's—and Corporate America's—Equal Pay Problem

The recent battle between the US women’s soccer team and its own federation brings up more than just the pay difference between men and women.

London's Pay Gap Is Falling Down—Just Not Fast

Like many organizations, the city’s government is grappling with pay equality.

Gender Pay Gaps Extend to Retirement

A flap in the UK over raising the state pension age for women is a reminder of how far pay gap differences can go.

The Wider Problem of Gender Inequality at Work

How smart organizations are addressing the age-old structural deficiencies the gender pay gap exposes.

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