This Week in Leadership (Apr 1 - Apr 7)

The jobs that US companies are still desperate to fill, plus how to avoid sabotaging salary negotiations.

The US economy's ongoing job surge. A software firm's quest to provide equal opportunities to everyone. What leaders can learn from Burger King going meatless. All that, plus how to be a better salary negotiator, in the latest edition of Korn Ferry's This Week in Leadership.

The Country Is Still Hiring

Analysts may be struggling to know what the next US jobs report will show, but experts say three areas are pushing the number of actual roles higher.

Where’s the Beef? (Literally)

Burger King’s shocking new meatless Whopper mirrors how traditional meat producers are reinventing themselves.

Adobe’s Opportunity for All

Software giant Adobe aims to achieve “opportunity parity” for all employees to grow and advance. Can it work?

The Essentials: Equal Pay

Find out what steps organizations are taking to solve one of the corporate world's most persistent problems.  

Want a Pay Raise? Don’t Do This

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison explains the moves that can make or break your quest for more compensation.

Helping Workers Develop a Creative Eye

Leaders can have a profound impact on the creativity of their teams by pulling these levers, says emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman.