This Week in Leadership (Aug 20 - Aug 26)

CEO/Board fights and the longest stock market rally ever, plus how some savvy executives are spurring a retail industry revival.

Board dilemmas at Tesla & Sears. The longest stock market rally rver. Plus, how to avoid having your social media presence kill your job prospects. All that and more in the latest This Week in Leadership from Korn Ferry. 

The Bull Market Decade (Almost)

This week the U.S. stock market bull run became the longest in history. How leaders should approach risk in this new normal.

Retail Revival: Target and Others Hit the Comeback Trail

This week’s strong earnings reports show the value agile leadership can bring to transform legacy firms.

A CEO/Board Face-Off

Recent moves by the bosses at Tesla and Sears have created a dilemma for their respective boards.

Greece: One Down, Still Many More to Go

A major debt burden is lifted this week, but Greece still has massive problems. How leaders there—and anywhere else—can manage major turnarounds.

When 'What Happens In Vegas' Ends Up In Your Job Search

Most employers scan social media to learn about candidates. CEO Gary Burnison suggests five ways to keep posts and photos from ruining a job search.