This Week in Leadership

Insights on CEO turnover and how airline leaders quickly rebounded from a PR disaster, plus why new owners in sports have trouble getting their teams to win.

A surprising potential CEO switch. A former star player's foray into ownership. Plus, how executives get ahead by taking a step back. Read Korn Ferry’s post-eclipse take on recent news and its ties to leadership in our weekly summary of our stories and research

A Shock to the CEO System

Chevron's potential change at the top signals a sweeping CEO makeover—in energy and other sectors.             

The Trick to Keeping Profits Flowing       

US second quarter earnings were the best in years. Could sales incentives, of all things, keep them going?          

Can Derek Jeter Learn How to Win—As an Owner?         

As the ex-Yankee star takes over a new team, he'll face a challenge all new ownerships struggle with—winning.       

Making Time for Mindfulness    

Research shows that even hard-charging executives can benefit from taking a step back, writes emotional intelligence Daniel Goleman.          

How Airlines Bumped Their “Bumping” Woes    

Following a PR disaster, airline leaders cut bump rates to near-record lows this month. How did they do it? 

An Eclipse with Purpose

The leadership principle exemplified by this week's event that made millions of people simultaneously stare at the sun.