This Week in Leadership: The Essentials of 2021

Korn Ferry's top insights on the changing workplace, diversity, the Great Resignation, and more. 

For the holiday edition of This Week in Leadership, Korn Ferry offers up insights on the shifting workplace and “The Essentials,” a curated series highlighting the year’s most thought-provoking articles on the the changing nature of the office, the year's surge in resignations, diversity, and more. Happy Holidays!

Remote and In-Office Work

A look at one of the toughest topics of 2021 and why firms still struggle with return-to-office and hybrid work plans. Plus, what the office of the future looks like.

The Great Resignation

In one of 2021’s most baffling trends, a record number of workers quit their jobs. What has been the impact on firms? Plus, where are all the “resigners” going?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Corporations made important strides in their diversity efforts, but most agree they have a long way to go. Our top stories of the year on where things stand.

Job Searching

Career opportunities took off this year as companies raced to solve a worker shortage. Our best stories of 2021 on the best way to get ahead moving forward.

Leadership in 2022

Leaders faced another year of enormous challenges and now must hone a new set of skills as they enter the new year. Plus, the personal toll of having the top job.