How the coronavirus outbreak is impacting the salaries of people around the world. Why younger workers are increasingly seeking mental health assistance. Plus, how to develop great, productive relationships with coworkers. All that and more in the latest edition of This Week in Leadership. 

The Coronavirus’s Impact on Pay

One in four Chinese firms say they’re considering adjusting pay, but experts believe the outbreak hasn’t hit paychecks globally. Yet.

Can Big Oil Go Carbon Neutral?

Energy giant BP wants to hit this highly ambitious goal by 2050. Now it needs a plan.

Emotional Rescue?

Younger workers are increasingly seeking mental health assistance. Why this group is reaching out.

The UK’s Flatlining Productivity

Surprising new research shows Britain’s productivity has fallen to its worst level in two centuries. Why leaders need to respond.

10 Ways to Get Along with Coworkers

Nearly anyone can develop productive, rewarding relationships with their colleagues, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.