This Week In Leadership (Feb 4 - Feb 10)

Why companies are now hiring people even when there are no open jobs. Plus, the hidden opportunity in conflicts at work.

Why companies are now hiring people even when there aren't any actual open positions. Plus, all you need to know about the impending leadership changes within the European Union. Those stories and more in the latest edition of Korn Ferry's This Week in Leaderhsip.

There Are No Job Openings. You’re Still Hired!

In a new twist on today’s unusual labor market, more than half of firms say they’re hiring candidates even before openings occur.

The EU Gets a Makeover

While Brexit occupies the headlines, the EU prepares for a leadership changeover with equally large effects.

The Media Industry, Itself a Tough Headline

Recent layoffs at BuzzFeed and Vice suggest media’s industry leaders will need yet another model to survive.

The 90-Day Career Diet: Prep for the Interview

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison on conquering your mental game before an interview. Fifth in a series.

The Hidden Opportunity in Conflicts at Work

Research shows that coolheaded managers can turn on-the-job disagreements into big gains, writes emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman.