This Week in Leadership (Jan 6 - Jan 12)

Apple's push on privacy. Plus, why you should expect many of your employees to quit in 2020.

Apple's push on privacy. The UK hits a women's leadership milestone. Plus, why this is the year your workers really want to quit. All that and more in the latest edition of Korn Ferry's This Week in Leadership. 

Apple’s Big Privacy Play

The real reason the tech firm returned to this week’s Consumer Electronics Show after a 28-year absence.

What to Expect in 2020: Your Workers Quitting

Nearly one-third of professionals tell Korn Ferry that getting a new job is their top resolution. What are firms doing wrong?

JetBlue’s Bold Flight to Carbon Neutral

With pressure mounting on the industry, the carrier announces a strong environmentally friendly plan. Is it sustainable?

Women on Boards: Hitting an Ambitious Goal

How the UK achieved a female leadership milestone, and how to keep it from becoming a millstone.

Leave This Off Your Resume

Seeing this at the top of a resume almost guarantees that the rest of the document doesn't get read, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.