This Week in Leadership

Congressional grilling. The great “skills gap.” And the reboot of American Idol. See Korn Ferry’s take on recent news and its ties to leadership in our weekly summary of our stories and research. 

How to Survive a Congressional Hearing

You don’t have to be in politics to be called on the carpet by stakeholders. Lessons for any leader on the hot seat.

Skills Gap? What Skills Gap?

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison on how new hiring statistics can help separate myth from reality.

Daniel Goleman’s Guide to Leadership Styles

The best leaders have multiple ways to motivate people, explains the expert on emotional intelligence.

The Return of American Idol

Bringing back host Ryan Seacrest is not unlike some corporate efforts to rehire winning CEOs. Does it always work?

Who’s the (Chinese) Boss?

When it comes to great succession planning, Chinese firms find they have some catching up to do. See our special report.