This Week in Leadership (June 5- July 11)

The backlash against “hot desks” at the office. CEOs go to summer camp. Plus, tips to get your resume past AI-powered job software.

Why workers don't like "hot desks" even if employers do. CEOs go to summer camp. Plus, how job candidates can ensure that the AI-powered hiring software many companies use doesn't inadvertently disqualify an application. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry's content team on leadership-related news.

Returning to the Office: Where Is Everyone?

With only a third of workers coming back so far, experts say firms may need to rethink their strategies, including a new emphasis on “hot desks.”

Where CEOs Cut Deals (Quietly)

After a yearlong hiatus, an exclusive leaders conference returns to Sun Valley. Will its in-person dealmaking of the past return too?

Show Me the Money (on the Job Posting)

A new Colorado law requires companies to post salary ranges with job openings. Amid a war for talent, can companies afford to lose negotiating power?

5 Ways to Get Your Resume Past the ‘Terminator’ AI

Even in this strong job market, applicant tracking systems may weed you out of a good role. How to get around them.

Our Leap of Faith

Right now, when many people are isolated or exhausted, the onus is on leaders to be inspiring coaches, writes Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.