This Week in Leadership (May 30 - June 5)

Wage growth is slowing, maybe. Plus, there's a shortage of bosses. Really. 

Why the era of big raises may be ending. How companies went from having no stock to too much, seemingly overnight. Plus, there's a shortage of bosses. Really. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Are Big Wages Losing Steam?

For the first time in a year, wage growth is slowing. But experts aren’t sure if the bidding wars are over. 

From Not Enough to Too Much, Overnight

Some firms are suddenly stuck with billions of dollars’ worth of goods they can’t sell—yet another lesson for corporate leaders on the challenge of anticipating demand.

Wanted (Badly): First-Time Bosses

The pandemic, along with digital transformation, has created a shortage of frontline managers. What big firms are doing about it.

How to Make 4-Day Workweeks Work

As summer-Fridays season starts and more firms offer flexible scheduling, doing more with less time has become invaluable.

A Positive Outlook for Purpose

Becoming a purpose-driven organization requires leaders to embrace a positive attitude, says best-selling author Daniel Goleman.