This Week in Leadership

Why innovation may be stagnating in a key area of the tech world. Plus the reason why resumes are overrated and overused.

Is mobile innovation slipping? Who's doing more to improve diversity: Hollywood or Corporate America? Why are resumes overrated? Get answers to those questions and more in Korn Ferry’s take on recent news, from our reporting team.

Has Innovation Hit a Wall? 

This week’s Mobile World Congress is all about the latest in digital mobility. But are there enough breakthroughs? 

How NAFTA Is Testing the Patience of CEOs

As the pact’s talks drag on, big manufacturers across borders face a whole new level of ambiguity. 

Resumes: Overrated and Overused 

Job seekers overvalue the impact of these summaries, says CEO Gary Burnison in his new book. 

The Behind-the-Scenes Impact of Emotional Intelligence

Developing EI skills can give leaders more flexibility and help persuade 70% of employees to stay five years or longer.

Will Art Imitate (Corporate) Life at the Oscars? 

This Sunday’s ceremony underscores the determined but bumpy road both Hollywood and the corporate world are taking toward diversity.