This Week in Leadership

The holiday leadership dash and a new perspective on failure. Plus, what not to do when interviewing for a new job.

How Black Friday puts retail leaders to the test. Saudi Arabia’s ambitious attempt to modernize its workforce. Plus, what not to do when interviewing for a job. Read Korn Ferry’s take on recent news, from our reporting team.

The Holidays: Retail's All-In Season         

The skills leaders need as the make-or-break weeks begin.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Interviewing           

CEO Gary Burnison calls out the chance-killing mistakes that newbie and seasoned executives keep making.

Privacy, Redefined        

Our willingness to let companies pry online keeps shifting. But are we letting it go too far?

In Asia, a Surprising Acceptance of Failure           

With the fintech boom so intense there, the industry no longer shuns innovators who have missed the mark.

Driving Change in Saudi Arabia  

How allowing women to drive is one step in training a nation’s entire workforce.