This Week in Leadership

Really young leaders in politics and the c-suite, plus how savvy leaders can navigate changes to NAFTA.

Navigating the NAFTA talks. Leading when you’re not sure whether you’ll keep your job. Plus, the business benefits of empathy. Read Korn Ferry’s take on recent news, from our reporting team.

The Youth Movement   

Austria is poised to install a 31-year-old leader, but experts see challenges for such youth in the C-suite. 

Preparing for the (Economic) Fall            

Even in strong business climates, great companies prepare for any scenario, says CEO Gary Burnison.

The Cost of Being Behind (and Ahead)   

The new Korn Ferry Digital Sustainability Index finds a surprising sector leader. 

Empathy: The Surprisingly Crucial Business Skill 

Leaders can become more effective by understanding what others are feeling, writes Daniel Goleman.

NAFTA on the Ropes     

Instead of panicking, smart firms are looking for solutions if the agreement ends.