This Week in Leadership (Oct 25 - Oct 31)

The era of settling for second-best products, vendors, and job candidates. Plus, why many firms face a massive backlog of promotions.

Executives have been learning to live with not getting their first choice of vendors, contracts, or even job candidates. The reason why many companies have so many employees qualified for promotions but so few promotion slots. Plus, how to be efficient with your time at the dawn of the hyrbid-work era. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news.

Hiring, Buying Your ‘Second’ Choice

As scarcity grips the markets, executives are learning to get comfortable with their second, third, and—dare we say it—fourth choices.

Promotion Melee

Firms are flooded with a backlog of employees seeking pandemic-related promotions. Is there an answer?

Wanted: Women Truck Drivers

Facing a steep labor shortage, trucking firms are taking a crash course in diversity recruiting. Why some sectors still have such gender gaps.

5 Time-Management Tips for the Hybrid-Work Era

Seven in 10 firms plan to have people work at home and at the office. How to make the best of that.

Teaming Up for Purpose

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman highlights how some high-profile partnerships can move the needle on purpose.