This Week in Leadership (Oct 1 - Oct 7)

California's new law mandating more women in boardrooms, plus the 'obsolete' job skill many firms find themelves desperately needing.

The Golden State mandates more women board directors. Facebook's latest scurity issue. The 'obsolete' job skill many firms find themelves desperately needing. All that and more in the latest edition of Korn Ferry's This Week in Leadership. 

Women on Boards: California Steps Up

California’s just-passed law could increase the diversity of boards at publicly traded firms, but will it change board cultures?

In Search of Part-Time Help

On the eve of the holiday shopping season, firms are facing a tough challenge: a 12-year low in the supply of part-time workers.

Tech Turncoats

The recent security issue at Facebook highlights why some leaders of the tech revolution are turning against their own inventions.

Know Thyself, Warts and All

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison breaks down personality traits and drivers to help you determine your best fit.

The ‘Obsolete’ Job Skill in High Demand

Banks and other firms are scrambling to find agile employees to learn a 60-year-old computer programming language.