This Week in Leadership (Apr 10 - Apr 16)

Is the greatest job market in history ending? Plus, why remote workers feel like they have a target on their backs.

The implications of the job market cooling. Why leaders actually could get a boost from bad quarterly earnings results. Plus, why remote workers feel like they're being singled out for layoffs. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Has the Greatest Job Market in History Ended?

What’s changed, and what hasn’t, now that companies are no longer hiring at a historic rate.

The Target on the Backs of Remote Workers

As layoffs mount, one-third of workers not in the office fret they’ll be let go. How can they best respond?

Earnings: Declining Results Might Be a ‘Win’

Analysts are expecting a significant decline in profits this earnings season. But how much of a decline will be a critical issue.

5 Ways Employees Can Use ChatGPT Responsibly

How workers can get the most out of the AI tool and avoid its pitfalls.

We’re Asking the Wrong Questions About Work

Best-selling author Dan Goleman argues that the issues around where work is being done are less important than whether the work itself is meaningful.