This Week in Leadership (Apr 22 - Apr 28)

What role does firm size play in the return-to-office debate? Plus, how to artfully switch bosses. 

There's a surprising role that firm size is playing in return-to-office efforts. How to switch bosses without quitting. Plus, the latest Briefings Podcast delves into how cruise-industry leaders transformed a product young people once mocked into one Gen Zers have embraced. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Return to Office: Big at Small Firms?

New data shows that smaller firms are three times more likely than larger ones to require people to be in the office. Do they have a culture edge that persuades workers?

How Much Is Too Much?

Dining costs are up 29% since 2019, but consumers keep paying. What corporate leaders can take from this “new normal” buying behavior. 

Briefings Podcast: A Brand-New Brand for Gen Z

In a remarkable branding shift, the cruise industry has found a way to attract Gen Zers. Two experts discuss how cruise lines—as well as other industries—are transforming their businesses to attract younger groups.

How to Switch Bosses: Five Ways  

A bad boss is the number-one reason people quit their job. But is there another way?

Listen, Learn, Then Lead

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison says leaders need to be better active listeners.

4 Ways to Develop the Optimal Board

A new Korn Ferry report offers four key strategies to get the best out of your board.