This Week in Leadership (Mar 18 - Mar 24)

The latest leadership challenge: a record number of product recalls. Plus, how to tell if you're boss is merely annoying or actually bad for your career.

Why retiring today is more of a phasing out rather than a clean break from work. The reasons behind a record number of product recalls. Plus, how to determine whether the boss is merely frustrating or actually bad for your career. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

Not Retiring, but ‘Phasing Out’

Two-thirds of workers in a new survey say they are planning for a “phased retirement,” reducing work hours over several years. How will firms manage this?

Record Recalls: COVID’s Final Legacy?

Product recalls have jumped sharply. How much are post-pandemic supply-chain changes affecting this?

Bad Bosses: 5 Telltale Signs 

In most cases, managers can make or break a career. How to know if your boss is merely frustrating or truly bad.

Performance Reviews: A Dreaded or Welcome Return?

Employee appraisals are up by 28% year-over-year. A look at whether companies can make them more effective. 

Seeing the Unseen

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison highlights the chain reaction unleashed when leaders create time to take notice of their teams.

Revamping Succession Planning

Nearly 40% percent of firms concede they don’t devote enough resources toward picking the next generation of leaders. Is there a new, multi-strategy approach that will work?