This Week in Leadership (July 3 - July 9)

Can UK firms help de-stress the country? Plus, how to avoid a summmer slump at work.

How AI is changing the landscape for UK organizations. How to avoid a summer work slump. Plus, where did all those work-related airline miles and hotel points go? Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. 

AI: Is Britain Taking Center Stage?

The UK has quietly become a major global player in artificial intelligence. How long can the window of opportunity last?

De-Stressing Workers: Can Firms Help?

Everything from inflation to heat waves has made working in the UK tougher. Can firms help with issues outside of the office?

The Grounding of Business Travel Perks

Some airlines are de-emphasizing business travel, creating a dilemma for firms looking to strike a balance between saving costs and finding new business.

5 Ways to Avoid a Summer Slump at Work

How the dog days actually can be a time to get ahead professionally.

How Purpose Can Help Conquer Work Fears

Best-selling author Dan Goleman says people and organizations with a keen sense of purpose will be able to excel in the new and uncertain AI era.