Unleashing Employee Discretionary Energy

Employers always look for creative ways to get more from their staff. Before organizations can tap into their employees’ discretionary energy and invest in creating the right conditions for their human capital, they need to be able to measure it, and to show the clear impact that discretionary energy has on financial performance.

In the new report, “Getting more mileage from your people,” Korn Ferry Institute researchers Jirong Huang, Shakifur Chowdhury and Janice Ho introduce leaders to the Superior Performance Model and how it can be used to get more out of employees and increase an organization’s returns.


  • Shakifur Chowdhury

    Senior Research Associate, Korn Ferry Institute

  • Jirong Huang

    Research Associate, Global Research Centre, Singapore

  • Janice Ho, Ph.D.

    Senior Director, Korn Ferry Institute

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