Unlimited human potential

Introducing the Korn Ferry Enterprise Success Framework.

Roy van Elden

Senior Manager, IP Development, KF Institute

In the past, the world of work has been viewed as separate and distinct from the world of people. Work, by design, has focused on the specific tasks, jobs, and responsibilities needed to achieve a result—think goals, objectives, and expected outputs. People, on the other hand, have been defined by their individual and collective skills, talent, competencies, experiences, personalities, and abilities—how we do things, who we are, and what drives us.

In an uncertain economy defined by technological disruptions and continuous crisis, widespread transparency, rapid change, and new expectations are transforming the way people and organizations work. The worlds of people and work can no longer be siloed; they have become more fluid and connected. But for people and work to successfully thrive in this changing economy, they need an integrated language that will guide them toward common ground and organizational success.

The Korn Ferry Enterprise Success Framework is this language.

Developed by the Korn Ferry Institute, the Korn Ferry Enterprise Success Framework is a research- and science-based framework that reframes what it takes to drive business outcomes through people, helping companies define, recruit, develop, and keep the talent they need to unleash potential and maximize performance. It is built on the following three dimensions:

  • What we deliver (Accountability)
  • How we do it (Capability)
  • Who we are (Identity)

The science underpinning the Enterprise Success Framework ensures that these dimensions connect seamlessly at the individual, team, and organizational levels—and show what success looks like in any given context. From a people perspective, the framework defines what we deliver (Accountability), how we do it (Capability), and who we are and why (Identity), while for teams and organizations, it clarifies the strategic goals, why they are important, and how they can be achieved.

In all, the Korn Ferry Enterprise Success Framework is an innovative, effective, and scalable model that provides valuable perspectives to transform for growth and sustain impact. It takes a holistic approach to both talent and work, helping power a new, fluid, and dynamic economy—a new paradigm for unleashing potential.

To learn more about the Korn Ferry Enterprise Success Framework, click the image to download our paper.