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Find out how your sales organization delivers added value to your customers, through perspective.


Perspective is what differentiates world-class sellers from average sellers. This is what moves your organization ahead of the competition in engaging buyers and growing win rates.

We analyzed your answers and compared them to the responses of 1,000 global sales leaders; we also evaluated them against 12 key sales practices from world-class sales organizations.

The results demonstrate how strongly you believe your sellers perform in providing perspective and identifies gaps you may have in delivering it throughout all of your customer interactions.

Here’s how to interpret your results:

      Rethink your perspective:

    • Focus your immediate attention on these areas, as you scored below average, and well below world-class sales organizations.

      Perspective at par:

    • Your organization performs similarly to average sales organizations in this area. Keep an eye on these practices to build a strategy to improve your performance and exceed customer expectations.

      Powerful perspective:

    • Your organization excels at delivering perspective and insights, with a customer-centric approach to sales conversations. Your answers showed that you perform as well as, or better than, world-class sales organizations.

Methodology practices

Understanding and having a strong methodology provides the foundation for a robust, effective sales process. Whether it’s the ability to manage opportunities or grow accounts, a perspective-driven methodology provides teams with the blueprint for optimizing sales.

Use a formal process To engage desision-makers

Effectively use call planning tools

Consistently conduct mutually-valuable sales calls

Customers have Consistently positive interactions in every channel

Skills practices

Align your sellers’ skills to your methodologies, ensuring that they can use perspective to give customers relevant messaging, reveal unrealized needs, and successfully deliver mutually beneficial outcomes. Leverage their abilities to keep them competitive and ahead of the curve.

Provide Clients with insights and perspective

Use questioning skills to reveal customer needs

Effectively communicate relevant value messages

customer service interactions enhance customer experience

Effectively negotiate for mutually-beneficial decisions

Enablement practices

Methodology and skills development is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Evaluate your ability to teach and reinforce key concepts by leveraging coaching, content, and training to help sellers succeed in providing perspective.

Sellers have access to effective content

Sales managers effectively coach salesforce

Other impactful training throughout a seller's careers

Where to learn more

Use the results of this diagnostic to spark discussion with your team. Visit our website for additional resources to provide deeper insights into perspective and holding more effective sales conversations.

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