Professionals’ New Year’s work resolutions

Korn Ferry Survey: Making a Difference, Finding the Right Organizational Culture Top List of Professionals’ New Year’s Work Resolutions

-- Boredom and Needing a New Challenge One of the Top Reasons to Job Hunt -- 

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 27, 2019 — A new Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY) survey reveals one resolution that tops the New Year’s wish list for professionals – and it’s more desired than a promotion, more pay and better work-life balance combined.

Nearly half of the respondents (41 percent) say creating an impact/making a difference is their leading work resolution for 2020. This resolution far exceeds a raise (8 percent), promotion (5 percent), a better work-life balance (8 percent) and even getting a new job (31 percent).

But achieving that resolution may be difficult. Creating an impact/making a difference ties with getting a promotion (24 percent) as the hardest New Year’s resolutions to attain.

The top reason professionals would look for a new job in 2020, according to the survey, is that their employers’ culture doesn’t fit with their values (38 percent), followed by being bored and needing a new challenge (23 percent).

When asked which New Year’s work resolution would most improve their opportunity to advance at their current employer, the largest percentage (28 percent) say getting assigned to more challenging, high-profile projects, followed by gaining more professional development opportunities (22 percent).

“A lot is being written about change-weary professionals constantly navigating through bewildering complexity. This survey clearly shows that many professionals are not only up for a challenge, but value it as a way to demonstrate they are making a difference in the world.” said Dennis Baltzley, Korn Ferry Global Solution Leader, Leadership Development. “In fact, above pay and promotion, you see professionals exhibiting a growth mindset, seeking to learn and grow.”

The good news: 93 percent of professionals say they would be able to keep a New Year’s work resolution if they made one.

About the survey

The Korn Ferry survey of professionals took place in December 2019 and garnered 645 responses. (note: due to rounding, responses may not equal 100 percent).

Survey Responses:

What would you put on the top of your New Year’s work resolution wish list?

Get a raise 8 percent
Get a promotion 5 percent
Get a new job 31 percent
Better work-life balance 8 percent
Create a greater impact/make a difference 41 percent
Learn more 7 percent

What would be the hardest New Year’s resolution to achieve?

Get a raise 19 percent
Get a promotion 24 percent
Better work-life balance 20 percent
Get along better with my boss/co-workers 7 percent
Create a greater impact/make a difference 24 percent
Learn more 6 percent

If you plan to look for a new job in 2020, what is the top reason?

I’m bored, need a new challenge 23 percent
Culture doesn’t fit with my values 38 percent
I have either lost my job or expect to lose my job 13 percent
Higher salary 17 percent
Bigger title 5 percent
My boss 4 percent

Which New Year’s work resolution would most improve your opportunity to advance at your current employer?

More professional development opportunities 22 percent
Get a work mentor 7 percent
Get a career coach 7 percent
Secure an opportunity in another area of my company 15 percent
Get assigned to more challenging, high-profile projects 28 percent
Get a different boss 19 percent
Take an oversees assignment 1 percent

Are you planning on asking for a raise in 2020?

Yes 57 percent
No 43 percent

If you are not planning on asking for a raise in 2020, what is the top reason?

I’m afraid I’ll get turned down/awkward 11 percent
I don’t know how 7 percent
I don’t think I deserve it 5 percent
I just got one 27 percent
My company rarely gives raises 45 percent
More money will require more work from me 5 percent

If you made a work-related New Year’s resolution, would you be able to keep it?

Yes 93 percent
No 7 percent

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