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As climate change accelerates, dealing with it is no longer merely a challenge: it is an imperative. And clean energy transition offers an opportunity to make things better through growth and investment. In fact, the anticipated value of the global market for essential, mass-manufactured clean energy technologies is projected to reach approximately USD 650 billion annually by 2030, surpassing the current figure by over threefold.

With clean energy investment already outpacing spending on fossil fuels, energy businesses are at the vanguard of the movement, from big producers to industry disruptors. But to flourish, businesses will need a special blend of industry knowledge, skill and mindset. Leaders who understand the potential and importance of clean energy to the world. Senior talent who can drive change and motivate their teams.

With our strong network of expert candidates in the renewables and sustainability space, and our strategic approach to leadership and upskilling, Korn Ferry is trusted by leading organisations to help them not only match their competitors but to Be More Than transformational – for the planet as well as business.

Trusted to help clean energy organizations scale for change

In an industry that is new and fast-changing, Korn Ferry is trusted across the clean energy space. We identify candidates in our network with genuine expertise in the field, while our innovative digital platform helps you scale with efficiency and speed.

Inspiring a culture of innovation

When transformation happens quickly in a discipline that is driven by innovation, your teams will benefit from leadership transformation, executive development and skills transition. Korn Ferry’s team of coaches and strategists know how to unlock the potential of your workforce, nurture talent and drive a culture that welcomes, rather than fights, change.

Identifying future changemakers

Energy businesses that are focused on change will benefit from spotting future leaders within their ranks. Korn Ferry specializes in identifying and honing potential, ensuring you have a supply of skilled and motivated talent in your company, ready to step up when demand calls.

Building retention and loyalty

Through our unrivalled market experience, we design competitive organizational frameworks, compensation strategies and career development approaches that not only retain talent but drive loyalty in teams, ensuring they will Be More Than personnel in your organization: they will be advocates.

Solving your business

As energy businesses respond to urgent demands for greater sustainability, increased renewable power and clean technologies—whether from government regulation or global societal demand—the need to build teams and structures to navigate those changes has never been greater.

From appointing leaders at the cutting edge of energy transition and CleanTech innovation to designing organizational structures and leadership skills that support innovation and purpose, Korn Ferry understands these challenges—and has the experience to tackle them head on.

Sector complexity

With constantly shifting demands in global production of clean energy and ever-changing geopolitical situations, agility is key to navigating the changing environment in the energy business. The best way to achieve that? With the right leadership, org structures, culture teams and skillsets in place.

Korn Ferry’s industry expertise, strong network and intuitive digital platform will help you find the right talent with the right mindset, create optimal teams and build a culture of innovation, ready to turn challenge into opportunity and unlock the potential of your business.

Dynamic growth and ROI

In an industry of rapid growth, high investment and dynamic change, leaders must blend experience with vision if they are to understand the landscape and realise the opportunities for those at the forefront of change. To scale successfully, the right leadership, org structures, culture, teams and skillsets are essential.

At Korn Ferry we combine experience, deep knowledge of the energy industry, and a high-quality candidate network to help you discover talent with the leadership skills your business needs to unleash its full potential. And our digital platform helps you quickly identify the skillsets required.

Competition for talent

The need for specific skillsets and inspired leadership in the new energy transition and CleanTech industry means top talent is hard to find. So, as well as looking to search for talent, it is essential to nurture existing talent and plan for succession with a culture that promotes innovation and retention, attractive market-based compensation and total rewards packages.

With our strong, high-quality candidate network and deep industry knowledge in this space, we can help unlock your team’s potential and elevate their success. Unleashing the possibilities within your business, our unrivalled expertise is underpinned by our intuitive digital platform, helping clients quickly identify needs, create custom assessments, and scale at pace.

How we build
teams for change

Korn Ferry provides strategic advice on leadership recruitment, company culture and market drivers, tailored to the dynamic, entrepreneurial needs of your business now – and your future aspirations.

Through assessment of your existing performance evaluation process and meetings with key leaders to discuss their succession situation, we can advise on the need for development plans and external searches to fill gaps.

We have the experience and credentials to guide your talent strategy, leveraging our leading market reputation, deep industry knowledge and a high-quality candidate network, as well as our unique ability to assess leadership qualities and cultural fit, in parallel with the functional role requirements.

We can conduct an external market-mapping or search engagement to identify and attract candidates to fill gaps in the ELT, using our proprietary assessment technology, KF4D, which is based on the historical evaluations of more than 2.5m top global professionals.

Following a comparative review of your current org structure, we help you build and optimize organizational structures to be able to deliver now and to grow as your clean energy business scales and changes at pace. We identify optimal leadership strategies for companies that are growing, transforming and scaling.

Our RPO model is proven in assisting large-scale recruiting projects, whether developing sales and marketing organization or staffing the construction of large-scale manufacturing facilities.

An essential part of growth strategy, we help identify the right C-Suite leadership to follow on from founders and expand and upgrade leadership teams.

We challenge existing practices and engage diverse communities because we know that diversity in background, experiences and perspective drives innovation in this complex sector.

Because we have access to immense data on market pay and benefit structures, we partner with clients to align company targets with market expectations and requirements to put forth attractive, comprehensive compensation packages to candidates.

Organizations we work with

We work with some of the most transformational Energy Transition and CleanTech focused businesses on the planet, helping them identify the visionary leaders and passionate teams they need to make the world cleaner, safer and more sustainable.

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