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Every day, organizations make business-critical decisions without a solid understanding of where they are and what they need to be to succeed. These organizations have what we call a hidden Potential Gap. To get ahead, you’ve got to find and close that gap. Fast.

Our AI-based HR platform pulls together market intelligence and Korn Ferry-owned data to provide insights and recommend actions. We benchmark where you’re at now against your industry, peers and best practice, to help you make better, faster decisions about your organization, leadership and people.

The result is data-driven decisions to help you speed up your business transformation — whether that is assessing the talent you have, identifying the talent you want or hiring the talent you need.

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What is the Intelligence Cloud?

Typical HR data shows where your organization is today. The Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud shows where your organization will be tomorrow—if you make the right changes to reach your goals. Our data gives you the insight you need to get the right people in the right roles and close your Potential Gap. It includes:

  • Market intelligence

    Instantly see trends and movement in the jobs people are leaving, applying for and accepting with real-time talent market data.

  • Job role and talent insights

    Build better hiring and training strategies by knowing what “good” looks like in any role.

  • People capabilities

    Find and develop the best people and assess your current teams and potential candidates to check they have the skillset and mindset to shine.

  • Get your people in sync

    Streamline the way you design jobs, measure success and look after your talent at every step.

How we can help

An HR platform that maximizes investment in people management

Bring out the best in your people by bringing out the best in your systems.

The Intelligence Cloud maximizes investment in your existing people management system by building on and supplementing your data with the latest market intelligence, insights and benchmarks.

All that extra knowledge gives you the planning edge—letting you predict how changes to your people management systems will affect your goals. So making your next move becomes a whole lot easier.

Our market intelligence helps you understand what good looks like

  • Transform your teams by assessing where they are today—then closing gaps so they’re where they need to be tomorrow
  • See trends and movement instantly across the talent marketplace with access to real-time market talent data 
  • Use external market data to benchmark skills, organization structures, roles and compensation packages against your peers; and use our best practices to bring out the best in your teams and decide who you should hire next
  • Find out who’s job hunting and who’s hiring with real-time market data taken from candidate profiles and job postings.

Find and close your organization’s Potential Gap

  • Assess your team, pinpoint gaps, and spot potential business risks—so you can build the skillsets and mindsets you need to overcome them
  •   Support your hiring and development strategies by knowing what good looks like—and compare the people you have with the people you need
  • Know where you stand with key insights into your organizational size, structure, shape and costs 
  • Make it easier for people to progress by refining your talent architecture and closing gaps between promotion levels
  • Treat people right by comparing your current package against the market for internal fairness, external competitiveness, and pay for performance
  •   Reward your people by improving pay and benefits, boosting employee engagement, and making your organization fairer by design.

So you can transform your organization

  • Get your people, talent, processes and strategy on the same page 
  • Create a culture of learning, with personalized learning programs for everyone—from your newest grad to your senior execs
  • Help everyone develop the right skillset and mindset to see your business succeed
  • Grow faster by getting your sales team strategy in sync

Let us be part of your success story

Contact us and see how we can help you achieve your business goals.


Success Profiles

What does 'good' look like?

Sitting at the center of the Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud, Success Profiles™ are dynamic benchmarks of the characteristics required for optimal performance at the organization, team and individual levels.

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