Senior Principal

Adam Armansyah is a passionate Human Capital professional with more than 15 years of experience providing strategic and practical advice to top management in Indonesia and overseas.

Equipped with a diverse skill set, his competencies include remuneration, organization development, and talent management. In addition to the banking industry, he has extensive experience working with clients from energy, mining, telecommunication, and real estate industry.

Adam’s experiences come from both the corporate and consulting world. As a consultant, he was involved in many projects from organization evaluation and design, compensation and benefits, M&A, and several other topics. While as a practitioner, he is familiar with manpower regulations, market practice, employment policies, and people development.

Adam has the experience of advising clients in various topics which include remuneration designs, organization development, talent management, merger and acquisition, global mobility, and cross-cultural development program both in public as well as in private sectors.

Adam holds bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Indonesia and master’s in business administration in International Management from Waseda University, in Japan.