Senior Client Partner

Mr. Low- Thue is the head of Korn Ferry Advisory in Hong Kong.

He has worked with many clients in the greater China, focusing on job evaluation, building effective grading structures, developing talent and leadership competencies, assessing talents, improving organizational effectiveness, and restructuring.

Throughout the years, Mr. Low-Thue has worked with clients of all job levels, from small-medium enterprises to multinational corporations. He has deep experience in reviewing as well as redesigning human resource strategies and business processes. He works closely with clients across industries, including airlines, chemical, manufacturing, non-profit organization and statutory bodies.

Mr. Low-Thue has helped various organizations build grading structures that fit their nature and business objectives in assessment and recruitment. Other than identifying the most suitable talents that will fit the company culture, he has also supported training managers and HR professionals in formulating job evaluation, performance management, psychometric tools, objective assessment and leadership style best practices.

Mr. Low-Thue is an expert in strategy and policy development and clarification, operating model and organization design, organizational and leadership development, transformation program design and management, and cultural change and change management.

Prior to being a professional consultant, Mr. Low-Thue was a general manager of a manufacturing company. As such, he has a keen understanding in the challenges faced by the business, and is able to form practical solutions with theories acquired from his master degree in human resource management and development.